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Victor Palmero
Basic Information
Name Victor Palmero
Born August 26,1947
Gender Male
Family Octavio Palmero (brother)
Emelina Palmero (ex-wife)
Angie Lopez (daughter)
George Lopez (son-in-law)
Carmen Lopez (granddaughter)
Max Lopez (grandson)
Gloria Palmero (daughter)
Ray Palmero (son)
Claudia Palmero (ex-daughter-in-law)
Veronica Palmero (granddaughter)
First Episode Meet the Cuban Parents
Last Episode George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia
Actor Emiliano Diez

Dr. Victor "Vic" Consuela Lantigua Palmero (Born August 26,1947) Age 64 Angie's father, Emelina's ex-husband, George's father-in-law and Carmen, Max, and Veronica's grandfather.


Victor (Born August 26,1947) Age 64 who made it rich as a cardiac surgeon when he arrived in America. George is often annoyed by his stories about Cuba and his expressions. Originally, Vic disapproved of Angie marrying George. His parents were Budweiser and Titi Palmero, who were killed by Fidel Castro because they never baked him a cake or gave him a compliment.

In A Kiss is Just a Kiss, it was revealed that he told Angie to leave George as he walked her down the aisle on her wedding day, but eventually accepts George as a good match for his daughter. He has a brother Octavio Palmero. His wife and Angie's mother, Emelina, cheated on him and they divorced. He was later engaged to a young woman, Lindsay Cafferty (Stacy Kiebler), but later discovered she was cheating on him and decided to go back to his ex-wife, who earlier had told him she wanted to get back together. Sadly, she died before anything happened and Vic was left alone again.

Vic hates Fidel Castro so much that in "Carmen's Dating", when George tells him that Castro died, he was excited and was waving his arms around. He speaks with a Cuban accent, which George pokes fun at many times. He was also shown to have a romantic interest in Benny, and he even kissed her a few times before.


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