Thomas F. Wilson
Tom Wilson
Thomas F. "Tom" Wilson guest stars as Sonny, a date of Benny's, who propositions Angie when she goes to pick up Benny from Thirsty's, where he and Benny met in "Thomas F. Wilson in Season 5 (ep.#4).
Basic Information
Birthname Thomas Francis Wilson, Jr.
Born (1959-04-15) April 15, 1959 (age 58)
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA, U.S.
Gender Male
Occupation: Actor
Years Active: 1983-present
Family/Personal Information
Character Information
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "George Drives the Batmobile" (Season 5)

Thomas F. Wilson (sometimes credited as Tom Wilson; born April 15, 1959) makes an guest appearance on George Lopez as Sonny, Benny's date, who propositions Angie, after she picks he and Benny up from Thirsty's after she drives Benny there to meet with Gina and their friends in ''"George Drives the Batmobile" in Season Five (episode #4).


An American actor, writer, musician, painter, voice-over artist, comedian, and podcaster. Thomas is best known for his role Biff Tannen, Griff Tannen and Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen in the blockbuster Back to the Future film trilogy, and as Coach Ben Fredricks on NBC-TV's Freaks and Geeks TV series. Tom has also done voice-over work in video games, movies and TV shows. In the early 1980s, Wilson moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his career.

He also shared an apartment with fellow aspiring comedians Andrew Dice Clay and Yakov Smirnoff, and later joked that he "taught them both about America."[1] Wilson had a small role in the second season of NBC-TV's Knight Rider series, in an episode titled "A Knight In Shining Armor".


  1. What’s What With … Tom Wilson, Philadelphia magazine, December 3, 2008

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