George Lopez episode
“The Trouble With Ricky”
Jbgaynor 1215979371
Ricky, Max's friend, persuades him to skip school with him in "The Trouble with Ricky" in Season 3 (ep.#14).
Season 3, Episode # 14
Number (#42) in series (120 episodes)
Guest star(s) J.B. Gaynor
Gigi Rice
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 214
Writer(s) Allen J. Zipper
Director Joe Regalbuto
Original airdate January 23, 2004
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"Why You Crying?" "God Needles George"

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The Trouble With Ricky was the 14th episode of Season Three of George Lopez; it was also the 42nd overall series episode. Written by Allen J. Zipper, the episode, which was directed by Joe Regalbuto, orginally aired on ABC-TV on January 23, 2004.


After George discovers that Max's friend, Ricky, has a rough home life, Ernie offers to lend a hand to the teen.


Max tries to sneak Ricky into the house, but George and Angie find out. Angie calls his mother to tell her to pick him up, but she finds out Ricky's mother is going through a tough time and she decides to let him stay for a few days, but George doesn't like the idea. Ricky and Max skip school and drive the car through the fence.

After that, Angie changes her mind about letting him stay and George takes Ricky back his apartment, but he finds out about Ricky's crappy childhood and he decides to let him stay. Angie talks him out of it and Ricky ends up staying with Ernie and his parents.


Guest Starring


George: (to Max) You're grounded for sneaking Ricky in the house.
Angie: He's already grounded for skateboarding in the house.
George: All right, then no video games for a month!
Angie: We took them away for eavesdropping on the phone calls.
George: Allowance?
Angie: Took it away when they burned down the garage.
George: (to Max) Okay, you leave me no choice. For the rest of the're not allowed to use your hands!

[When Angie comes down for breakfast]
Angie: Wow, this smells great.
Ricky: I cook for my mom all the time.
Angie: Well, she's lucky to have you for a son. How come you don't cook anything for me, Max?
Max: 'Cause I don't have to work for your love. I mean, who's my competition, Carmen? I don't think so.

[George scolds Ricky after he crashes George's car into the fence]
George: Do you know you could've killed someone?
Ernie: Wow. Hey, your mom sits out here. What if she was in that chair?
George: Don't try to cheer me up!

Ricky [to Ernie]: Did you ever do something like this when you were a kid?
Ernie: [laughs] Oh, yeah. One time, George and I broke into the school with cans of spray paint and we made a big banner that said "learning is cool."

[When George is reconsidering letting Ricky stay at their home]
George: Look, I want him to stay with us for a while.
Angie: Are you crazy? I mean, first the garage, then the fence. He's getting closer to where we sleep, George.

[When Ernie offers to be Ricky's foster parent]
George: What are you going to do if he drives the car through your fence?
Ernie: George, my dad's 75. He does that once a week.

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