The Art of Boxing
Episode #
March 26, 2004
Production #
Jim Hope
Joe Regalbuto


When Max has trouble sleeping because of his worries of failing the 5th grade, Vic suggests to George that Max should take boxing lessons to keep his worries off of school. At first, George is concerned that Angie won't like the idea of Max boxing, but he and Vic decide to not tell her. After boxing, Max accidently gives himself a black eye while taking off his gloves. When Angie discovers Max's black eye and that he's been boxing, she's furious at George and Vic at first for not telling her, but decides to let Max continue boxing. During a boxing tournament, Max gets a concussion which puts an end to him boxing anymore.


Guest Starring

  • Laila Ali as herself
  • Steven Wollenberg as Referee


  • Max: Oh, my night-light's out, so I'm gonna leave my door open and the hall light on.
  • George: You got it, killer.
  • Max: No, I'm serious. Leave it on.

  • Vic: Hello, Angie, my angel. Hello, Benita, my little devil. Hello, George, my... yeah there you are.

  • Benny [when she discovers Ernie's orange tan]: Ernie, I'm not going to insult you. I just have a message for you. Willy Wonka called. He wants you back at the factory right away. [laughs]

  • Vic [about Max boxing]: How can he get hurt, George? He's half Mexican and half Cuban!
  • George: Oh, he was born to fight and live at home until he's 40.

  • [When Angie discovers that Max has been boxing without her permission]
  • Angie: Max, go upstairs and ice your eye. I need to talk to your idiot and your grand-idiots!

  • Vic: You know, one nice thing about being divorced is that I can do this. (leaves)
  • Benny: And I don't give a crap, so I can do this. (grabs a beer and leaves)

  • Carmen: (singing to Max) Lullaby and goodnight, and slip into your coma...
  • George: Carmen!

  • George: Look, I'm not gonna rat anybody out, but someone in this room said, [imitates Vic] "Oye chico, I got it, boxing."
  • (Angie looks at Vic)
  • Vic: Oye chica, Benny, he ratted you out.

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