The "Old Man"
Ep 3x15 - Rudy Ramos as The Old Man
Rudy Ramos as the elderly man who vowed to walk the cobblestone path to the Church of the Virgin Guadalupe in "God Needles George" in Season 3 (ep. #15).
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Male
About: Former farmer whose land and crop was wiped out by a flood who vowed to walk the path to the Church of Guadalupe if God spared his life; influences George to make good on a similar promise he made to God along with Max when Mr. Needles was seemingly healed of his tumor
Family/Personal Facts
Career/Job: Former farmer
Series Appearances
Played by: Rudy Ramos
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "God Needles George" (Season 3)

The Old Man", the veternarian who performs an X-ray exam on Mr. Needles, the Lopez family dog, appears in the Season Three episode of George Lopez titled "God Needles George" (episode #15). The part of Dr. Lisby is played in the episode by Rudy Ramos.

About the man

When Mr. Needles who got sick, seemed to be miraculously healed of a tumor he was diagnosed with after Max and George prayed for him to get well, as George felt obligated to honor his promise to Max and to God to make a trip to Mexico to crawl along the cobblestone path to the Church of the Virgin Guadalupe as he had promised to do if Mr. Needles got well. While crawling along the path to the Church, he meets a man who says he lost everything when a flood from a storm sweeped through and destroyed everything in his village, as he was able to climb to to the top of a tree as he says he "prayed to God that he'd spare my life" and promised to make the pilgrimage as he asked George why he was there, as George explains to the man "my kid's dog got sick!".

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