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Sk8r Boyz
Episode #
November 2, 2004
Production #
Jim Hope
Joe Regalbuto


Angie thinks colored bracelets are cute and decides to wear them. However, when she goes shopping, a boy touches her butt saying he's never done purple with a girl before, and she beats him up and gives him a black eye, knocks out his retainer and a couple of teeth. Meanwhile, Max joins a skater gang and they beat up people at a mall, then Max and the gang get arrested and banned from the mall for that.


Guest Starring

  • Candace Morley as Hayley
  • Will Myer as Kyle
  • Christopher T. Wood as Mall Cop
  • Gus Hoffman as Heavyweight Kid


Angie (to Max): I know middle school can be tough, but remember, bullies are just friends who don't realize how special you are.
George: What are you teaching him? No wonder kids of all races are coming together to beat up Max!
(While Carmen and Hayley are talking about their bracelets)
Hayley: Me and this guy went green once. Have you ever went green before?
Carmen: Yeah! I even went blue once.
Hayley: Oh, my God. Didn't you get sand everywhere?
Angie: (pretending to act happy) When the teenage boy bagging my groceries noticed my bracelet, I took it as a compliment. When he helped me to the car, I thought, "that was really sweet.", When he put his hand on my butt and told me that he never done purple with an older chick, (angrily) I hit him. (sigh) And when he stopped crying and we found his retainer, he told me that each of those colors stands for something different you'll do with a boy.


  • When Angie runs into the living room while wearing a tight purple shirt and jeans, her thong can be seen sticking out, although it is very brief.

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