Tracy Lim
Ep 5x12 - Ming Na-Wen as Professor Lim
Ming-Na Wen as Prof. Tracy Lim, George's microeconomics class teacher, in "George Enrolls Like That" in Season 5 (ep.#12).
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Female
About: Gets upset at George for clowing around in her class, as she's able to see he's having trouble grasping the lessons
Is made to think by George that he's in the Army Reserves, as she drops by George's home to give food to Angie
Family/Personal Facts
Career/Job: Microecononmics Professor, Valley Community College, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.
Series Appearances
Played by: Ming-Na Wen
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: 2 episodes, Season 5

Professor Tracy Lim, is a character who appears in two episodes of George Lopez in Season Five, the episodes titled "George Enrolls Like That" (episode #12) and "George Keeps Truant to Himself" (episode #13). The part of Professor Lim is played in the episodes by Ming-Na Wen.

About Professor Lim

When George make a deal that if he goes to college, then Max will go too. However, he struggles with his microeconomics class, and is known as a class clown in school. his professor, Tracy, tries to help him, but George declines; Tracy is able to pick up on George's difficulty in grasping the lessons, as he tries to mask it by cracking jokes in class, as she asks him after cracking a joke while teaching a lesson on econimic elasticity, "Do you even understand what elasticity is?" George responds, "Why do you think I wear sweatpants to dinner?"

Tracy also is able to assume that he was trying to cheat for an upcoming exam by getting the answers online, as she tells him she changed the exam questions.

Because George, who hasn't shown up for class for a week because he couldn't handle the classwor, Tracy decides to drop by the Lopez home for an unexpected visit to give Angie food, because George had lied to Angie and told her that he was joining the Army Reserve and. also lied to Professor Lim, teling her that he was already in the Army Reserve, and about to go TAD because he was being called for duty, and also, to Angie, that Professor Lim's husband, who's also in the Army Reserve, was killed in battle.

In the end, When George finally is forced to tell the truth, Tracy gets mad at him, telling George that she was "glad that he was quitting" because she also says that "all he dic was disrupt my class", and leaves.

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