Ashley Tisdale as Olivia
Basic/General Character Information
Born: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Gender: female
About: Max develops a crush on her, as
Family/Personal Facts
Family: unknown
Series Appearances
Last Episode "I Only Have Eyes For You" in Season 2
Played by: Ashley Tisdale
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)

Olivia was a character who appeared in the episode of George Lopez titled "I Only Have eyes for You" in Season Two (episode #21). The part of Olivia is played in the episode by Ashley Tisdale.

About Olivia

Olivia is one of Carmen's first friends she makes during her first day at Allendale and brought her over to her house. It is implied she switched schools since she moved from Toronto. Max immediately develops a crush on her and begins to suck up to her. When she goes up to Carmen's room, she asks if she can change out of her shirt where Max is peeking at her through a hole he made from his room to Carmen's. However, Carmen catches him and sprays him in the eye with perfume for it.  


  • She is a vegetarian
  • She has a cellphone
  • She's from Toronto
  • She has sleepovers


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