Oleg Zatsepin
Oleg Zatespin appears as "Roberto Crotchett" a character in a community theater Christmas play, in "Meet the Cuban Parants" in Season 2 of "GL" (ep.#11).
Basic Information
Born (1972-12-29) December 29, 1972 (age 44) [1]
Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ref name="BirthRef"/>
Gender Male
Occupation: Actor
Years Active: 1998-present
Family/Personal Information
Character Information
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)"
Appeared as: Roberto Crotchett
Episodes appeared in: "Meet the Cuban Parents" (Season 2)

Oleg Zatsepin appears as "Roberto Crotchett", a character in "Christmastime in the Barrio", an urban L.A. spin on the original Charles Dickens Chrismas story in a local community theater center Chrismas play which the Lopezes, and Angie's visiting parents, go to see in "Meet the Cuban Parents" in Season 2 of George Lopez (episode #11).

In addition to his GL appearance, Oleg's other TV series guest appearances inculde Yes, Dear, Boston Public, 8 Simple Rules, Monk, and My Name is Earl.

Oleg's film appearances include Snitch'd (2001), Bulldog (2002), Mexican Werewolf in Texas and Juarez, Mexico (2005).


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