Kincaid Walker as Nancy
Kincaid Walker as Nancy
Basic Information
Name Nancy
Gender Female
About: Accepts Ernie's offer to take her out for a date while at work
Series Appearances
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Appeared in: "George Helps Ernie See The Cellu-light" (Season 5)
Portrayed by Kincaid Walker

Nancy is a minor character who appears in the Season Five episode of George Lopez titled "George Helps Ernie See The Cellu-light" (episode 18). The part of Nancy is played in the episode by Kincaid Walker.

About Nancy

Nancy, who's a iine co-worker of Ernie's at Powers Brothers Aviation, accepts his invitation to take her out on a date, which really makes his day, as he's just lost 17 pounds in the attempt to keep from losing his job; George, who also showed concern about Ernie's weight, not only "coached" him in losing the weight, but also nudged him along in influencing him to finally get up the nerve to ask Nancy out for a date, as he's pleasantly surprised when she accepts.

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