Mary Bass
Elena Lyons as Mary Bass
Elena Lyons as Mary Bass
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Female
About: Offers to sell George, who was trying to purchase an extra lot for his deceased mother-in-law, a three-lot package in exchange for the two George already has reserved for he and Angie, at a cost of $15,000 for the extra lot, which he can't afford
Family/Personal Facts
Career/Job: Mortician / Funeral Home Sales Representative
Series Appearances
Played by: Elena Lyons
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "George's Grave Mistake Sends Him to a Funeral, Holmes" (Season 6)

Mary Bass, a mortuary sales rep, appears in the Season Six episode "George's Grave Mistake Sends Him to a Funeral, Holmes" (episode #8). The part of Mary is played in the episode by Elena Lyons.

About Mary

When he and Ernie stop by the mortuary, George tries to pose as a coroner in trying to get the lot next to he and Angie's, in which a deceased couple was already buried; when he offers to even dig up the remains of the couple, the mortuary salesperson, Mary, explains to him that it's illegal, as he finally comes clean and tells her his name, and reveals that he bought two burial lots for he and Angie two years earlier, but forgot to buy a third lot, which was intended for Benny, as he asks if he could reserve another next to theirs.

When Mary, the salesperson, tells her and Ernie that there were three lots together, but two plots away from the ones that they already had reserved, he seemed satisfied and ready to exchange the ones he had in the purchase of the three, until Mary tells him it would cost $15,000 for the additional plot.

Mary, in making a sales pitch, tells George that if it were she, she "wouldn't hesitate" to spend the extra money for a relative. She also says to George, "I would hate to have go to my wife and tell her that she couldn't spend the rest of eternity next to her mom!", as George responds "You dont know who you're dealing with...I'm a Lopez...were emotionally detached! We don't care about the living, you think were going to spend money on the dead?!?" as he and Ernie leave the mortuary.

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