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Manny Lopez


Full Name
Manuel Lopez
2003 (aged 53)
George Lopez (son)
Angie Lopez (daughter-in-law)
Victor Palmero (brother-in-law)
Emilina Palmero (sister-in-law)
Gloria Palmero (daughter-in-law)
Ray Palmero (son-in-law)
Veronica Palmero (granddaughter-in-law)
Linda Lorenzo (daughter)
Claudia Palmero (daughter-in-law)
George Edward Lopez (II) (son)
Lydia Lopez (wife)
Spouse/ Ex-spouse
Portrayed by
Amaury Nolasco (flashback)
William Marquez

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Manny is George's father. He left Benny Lopez when George was 2, as he was cheating on Benny. Benny lied to George, telling him Manny had died in a car accident. He is also the father of Linda Lorenzo, who was given up for adoption not long after birth. When Manny left, he took George's birth certificate, later used to legalize his 2nd son, George Lopez, George's half brother, with the same name. At one point, George finds out that Manny is alive from Manny's sister Cecelia Lopez. He and Angie begin searching for Manny, in hope to find him. Later, George learns from the other George that Manny is alive, and lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his construction buisness. The other George gives Manny the first George's number, and Manny calls, where as George hangs up, upset of the fact Manny left him and Benny. George tracks down Manny, and talked to him. As soon as Manny makes the mistake of insulting Benny, George punches him in the face. A month later, the police show up at George's work, and arrest him. Manny comes to George in jail, and tells him he only got him arrested to talk to him. Manny drops charges on George, and he is released.

George is later going to donate his father a kidney, but Manny dies before he has a chance. George then gets a letter from Manny, telling him his dying wish was that neither George nor Benny attend his funeral, as he had a reputation he wanted to protect. With the letter, Manny has sent a golden watch which George smashes, at the time not knowing the watch was gold and valuable.


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