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Lou Powers
Ep 4x13- Paul Gleason as Lou Powers
Paul Gleason as Lou Powers in "George To The Third Power" in Season 4 (ep.#13).
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Male
About: George solicits him for advice in revising the Powers Bros. health plan when Max complained about his braces
Family/Personal Facts
Spouse(s): Name not mentioned
Series Appearances
Played by: Paul Gleason
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "George to the Third Power" (Season 4)

Mel Power is a character who appears in the Season Four episode of George Lopez titled "George to the Third Power" (episode #13). The part of Lou is played in the episode by Paul Gleason.

About Lou

Lou Powers is Mel Powers and Jack Powers' older brother, who created the company health plan. An accountant by profession,Lou is known to be a real "financial genius" according to Benny. He quit the company to spend more time with his family, but they deserted him; he still is on the Powers Bros. company payroll, as he gets a check each pay cycle, as he is still a minority investor in the company. In his only appearance the show, George meets with Lou at Thrrsty's, and solicits him for advice in revising the Powers Bros. health plan when Max complained about his braces, which almost put Lou and he at odds with Mel and Jack.


  • Once, the Powers Brothers hired their niece to be George's co-manager for a short time. She could have been one of Lou's children (since he seems elderly) because Jack and Mel do not appear to have any children (besides Zack Powers). Lou also said his family deserted him, and this seems to fit her character. This has not been confirmed.

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