Lawrence Baxter
Ep 3x19 - Lawrence insults George
Jamal Mixon as Lawrence Baxter in "Angie Gets Tanked" in Season 3 of "George Lopez" (ep.#19).
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Male
Family/Personal Facts
Series Appearances
Played by: Camal Mixon
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series) in guest appearance
Episodes appeared in: "Lil" (Season 3

Lawrence Baxter was a character who appeared in the Season 3 episode of George Lopez titled "Angie Gets Tanked" (episode #19). The part of Lawrence was played by Jamal Mixon.

About Lawrence

At Carmen's high school's carnival fundraiser, George and Angie manage the dunk tank. George insults an overweight kid named Lawrence (Jamal Mixon), calling him "the hardest working colon in high school"; when he complains to which prompts Principal Stoller (Almy Brooks) to telling George and Angie that the school has a "zero tolerance policy" concering verbal abuse, which includes faculty and parents, as she makes George leave the school grounds and write an apology letter to the kid.

Then, the next day, when a picture of Angie, in her wet T-shirt from being dunked in the dunk tank, is posted by someone on the school website and everyone begins to make fun of Carmen, which makes George believe that it was possibly Lawrence who was the picture taker, as Eric McNamara, Jason's, wheelchair bound kid brother, who went with the Lopezes to the carival with his big brother told he and Angie, to cover up the fact that he took the picure as a joke.

After Eric fesses up to shooting the picture, George is now in a really big predicament, as he had Max, in thinking that Lawrence took the picture of Angie, post a photoshopped image of a pig feeding her piglets with Lawrence's head superimposed on the mother pig, on the school's intenet website, which Eric lets out of the bag in confessing to Angie.

In part of a making up gesture to Lawrence to make amends for his posting the picture of him as a mother pig on the internet, which Angie made him do, George, in addition to giving him an autographed picture of Kenny Lofton, who also attended the carnival fundraiser, and a photoshopped image of George as Michael Jackson's infant child being dangled over the balcony by Michael, George reluctantly offers Lawrence two L.A. Lakers game tickets Angie bought for his birthday:

  • Lawrence: "What else you got?"
  • George: "A very heartfelt I'm sorry, and goodbye!"
  • Lawrence: "Your wife says you had something else special to give me for what you did. What, are you holding back!?"
  • George: "My wife said that?"
  • Lawrence: "Yeah!"
  • George: "All right...Here are two courtside tickets to the Lakers I got for my birthday. Are we cool?"
  • Lawrence: "Wow, Mr. Lopez! Thanks!"
  • George: "Hey, Man, If you cant find anyone to go with you --"
  • Lawrence: "Yeah, Yeah! We can have everything like hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, everything, right? Well, too bad! Cause Piggy Ann don't roll like that! Peace out, Player!!"

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