Julian Acosta
Julian Acosta
Julian Acosta appears on "George Lopez" as new Powers Bros. Aviation employee Rick Martinez in the Season 5 episode "George Enrolls Like That" (ep.#12).
Basic Information
Born August 7
Birthplace: Santurce, Puerto Rico
Gender Male
Years Active: 2000-present
Family/Personal Information
Character Information
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)"
Appeared as: Rick Martinez
Episodes appeared in: "George Enrolls Like That" in Season 5 (episode #12)

Julian Acosta plays the part of Rick Martinez in the Season Five episode of George Lopez titled "George Enrolls Like That". (episode #12), in a guest appearance.

Acting career

Julian has been acting for the screen since 2000. He has appeared in 2 movies, True Love and The Loneliness of Animals, as well as one video Bound by Lies. He has appeared in episodes of several TV shows including Castle, The Unit, The Mentalist, Dirt, George Lopez, The West Wing, Entourage, Second Time Around, Law & Order, and One Life to Live. He is best known for his recurring roles in the series Strong Medicine and The Job as well as the miniseries Kingpin.

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