Joe Diaz
Basic/General Character Information
Born: unknown
Gender: Male
Family/Personal Facts
Family: George Lopez (nephew)
Angie Lopez (niece-in-law)
Carmen Lopez (great-daughter)
Max Lopez (Great-son)
Benny (sister)
Linda Lorenzo (niece)
Series Appearances
Played by: Ismael Carlo
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)

Joseph "Joe" Diaz appears in the Season Two episode of George Lopez titled "Super Bowl" (episode #13). The part of Joe is played in the episode by Ismael Carlo.

About Joe

Joe is Benny's older brother. Joe had a tumor on his neck and Benny claimed it to be a neck wallet. It's possible that he died because of this. Joe seemed to have a lot of money because of how Benny described him not sacrificing 20 dollars for her. When they meet again, Joe only gives Benny a 10 dollar bill out of George's wallet. Him and Benny were estranged since 1987 over a foolish grudge, but George convinces his mom to see Joe and get closure before he dies. He is believed to be a Super Bowl fan, because he always has tickets. But before he dies, he gives Benny the tickets. Joe appeared and died in the episode Super Bowl.