Janet Harper
GL ep 4x4 - Kaitlin Olson Ms. Janet Campbell
Kaitlin Olson as Ms. Janet Harper, the vice principal of Allendale, the private school that Carmen attends, in the Season 4 (ep.#4) of "GL" titled "Janet Harper".
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Female
About: Breaks the news to Angie and George that Carmen wouldn't be allowed to re-register for the next fall semester
Family/Personal Facts
Series Appearances
Played by: Kaitlin Olson
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Home Sweet Homeschool" (Season 4)

Mrs. Janet Harper is a character who appears in the Season Four episode of George Lopez titled "Home Sweet Homeschool" (episode #4). The part of Ms. Harper played in the episode by Kaitlin Olson.

About Ms. Harper

When George and Angie take Carmen by her school with the intent to re-register for the next fall semester with the principal of the school, it's Janet, the school's vice principal who breaks the news to them that Carmen would'nt be allowed to register for the next fall semester. Ms. Harper lists the reasons when looking into Carmen's file: six uniform violations, eight tardies, and 32 "public displays of affection". To top it off, when Carmen ran off and made the excursion with Zack Powers to San Franciso, she wound up appearing in the music video rapper Chingy was shooting at the time, as Ms. Harper describes, she appeared as a cheerleader "lying on a waterbed" both incidents which Ms. Campbell also cites when looking into Carmen's dossier.

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