Gina Sorenstam
Gina Sorenstam
Gina, as played by Elmarie Wendel on the ABC-TV series "George Lopez".
Basic/General Character Information
Born: 1930s
Gender: Female
About: Best friend of Benny's; oftentimes blatantly advances on men with "sexual turn-ons," especially a disgusted George, albeit jokingly
Family/Personal Facts
Family: Unnamed daughter
Series Appearances
First Episode "Secrets and Lies" (Season 2)
Last Episode "George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia" (Season 6, series finale)
Played by: Elmarie Wendel

Gina Sorenstam, (played by Elmarie Wendel), was a recurring character on the ABC-TV series George Lopez. She appears in a total of eleven episodes of the series, beginning with the episode "Secrets and Lies" in Season Two (episode #19).


Gina is a factory worker. She is best friends with Benny Lopez. Gina oftentimes blatantly advances on men with "sexual turn-ons," especially a disgusted George. If there is any possibility of a sexual favor to be done, she will step up to the task with a flagrant disregard for verbal public decency. It can be argued that she is bisexual (But still prefer men more.) In the episode Wrecking Ball, Benny says that she will give up men, but will miss the sex. Gina replies, "You don't need a man to have sex," before giving a smug look to Benny. She dislikes Benny in some episodes but rarely acts kindly toward her, and it is implied in several episodes. Benny often insults her. However, sometimes Gina acts mature, usually when there is a problem at the factory or at the bar.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 5

Season 6

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