George Lopez episode
“George to the 3rd Power”
Ep 4x13 - George to the 3rd Power
George brings in Lou Powers (Paul Gleason), the big brother of Mel and Jack, who wrote the original dental plan, to try to revise it when Max complains about the braces that the company dentist (played by Michael Clarke Duncan) gave him in "George to the Third Power" in Season 4 (ep.#13).
Season 4, Episode # 13
Number (#69) in series (120 episodes)
Guest star(s) Michael Clarke Duncan
Paul Gleason
Mark Tymchyshyn
Jack Blessing
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 310
Writer(s) George Lopez
Director Andy Cadiff
Original airdate January 25, 2005
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"Friends Don't Let Friends Marry Drunks" "George Gets Assisterance"

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George to the Third Power was the 13th episode in Season Four of George Lopez; it also was the 69th overall series episode. Written by series star George Lopez, the episode, which was directed by Andy Cadiff, originally aired on ABC-TV on January 25, 2005.

"George to the Third Power"
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When Max complains about the braces on his teeth, George takes him to the dentist, Dr. Holland who is a provider on the company medical insurance plan. Michael Clarke Duncan and Paul Gleason both guest star in this episode.


George becomes frustrated with Max' dentist when he accuses Max of being a wimp for getting his braces loosened. George then lobbies to have the company's dental plan changed, by sneaking behind Jack and Mel's backs, bringing in their older brother Lou (Paul Gleason, in guest appearance), an accountant who, when he was still actively involved with the company, had created the original company health plan who's still a stockholder in the company to try to revise the company dental plan, as the brothers engage in what may well be the norm in the Powers' family -- bitter quarreling! In the end, it turns out that Max only wanted to get his braces loosened so they would be taken off for a girl he likes.


Guest Starring

Special guest stars:


  • It's revealed that Mel and Jack Powers have a brother, Lou, who used to work at Powers Brothers Aviation. They had a huge falling out and don't talk to each other much.
  • It is implied in this episode that, if Max's braces are loosened too much, they could fall off, but that is not the truth; to "loosen" braces actually means to replace the wire with a more flexible one.
  • In the episode, "Jason Tutors Max", George said the he would never be able to afford braces for Max because of his bills for Carmen's school, and even promises Carmen that Max will never have braces. However that could have been a sarcastic remark.
  • Michael Clarke Duncan is credited as a "Special Appearance."

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