George Lopez episode
“George of the Rings”
GL episode 4x3 - George forgets their wedding anniversary
When George forgets his wedding anniversary, he scrambles to get enough money for a nice ring, as he and Angie plan to renew their wedding vows in "George of the Rings" in Season 4 (ep.#3).
Season 4, Episode # 3
Number (#59) in series (120 episodes)
Guest star(s) Ian Gomez
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 403
Writer(s) Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgrove
Director Joe Regalbuto
Original airdate October 12, 2004
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"Landlord Almighty" "Home Sweet Homeschool"

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George of the Rings was the third episode of Season Four of George Lopez, also the 59th episode in the series overall. Co-written by Paul A. Kaplan and Mark Torgrove, the episode, which was directed by Joe Regalbuto, premiered on ABC-TV on October 12, 2004.

"George of the Rings"
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When George forgets his wedding anniversary, he scrambles to get enough money for a nice ring. A few failed schemes later, he promises Angie something even better: to renew their wedding vows.


After George forgets his anniversary, he plans to make it up to Angie by getting her a wedding ring, but the ring is way out of his price range and has to try to figure out a way where he can afford to pay for it. George then makes a deal with Vic to trade Emilina's engagement ring to him in exchange for George giving some his other possessions.

When George gives Angie the ring, she is happy. But, Vic tells George that he accidently told Emilina about her engagement ring and now she wants it back. George "accidently" drops the ring down the garbage disposal and Vic blurts out what's really happening. At first, Angie is furious, but George then comes up with the idea for him and Angie to renew their wedding vows, as Angie is thrilled about the idea.


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