George Lopez episode
“George Keeps Truant to Himself”
Ep 5x13 - George disrupts class
To cover up the fact that he's having difficulty keeping up in his college class, George begins trying to be funny, disrupting class, which upsets his teacher, Professor lim (Ming-Na Wen) in "George Keeps Truant to Himself" in Season 5 (ep.#13).
Season 5, Episode # 13
Number (#93) in series (120 episodes)
Guest star(s) Ming-Na Wen
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 413
Writer(s) John R. Morey
Director Bob Koherr
Original airdate February 1, 2006
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"George Enrolls Like That" "The Kidney Stays in the Picture"

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George Keeps Truant to Himself was the 13th episode in Season Five of George Lopez, also the 93rd overall episode in the series. Written by John R. Morey, the episode, which was directed by Bob Koherr, oringinally aired on ABC-TV on February 1, 2006.

"George Keeps Truant to Himself"
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When the going gets tough, George drops out of school. But his attempt to hide his truancy from Angie and the kids becomes the worst kept secret around when Professor Lim (recurring guest star MING-NA) stops by the house to check in.


When things get tough for George, he drops out of school, this after he began to cut-p, cracking jokes and attempting to make funny remarks about the attractive Economics professor, while she was going through lessons, and then acting as if he was trying to look on another students paper while taking a quiz.

Eventually, Professor Lim confronts him about his behavior and his classwork, telling him that he will fail her class if he continued on the course he was going; when he decides to leave class after being flustered while taking a big test, George tries to keep it a secret from his Angie and the kids, but his professor, Tracy Lim (Ming-Na Wen) drops by for an unexpected visit to give Angie food, because George had lied to Angie and told her that he was joining the Army Reserve and. also lied to Professor Lim, teling her that he was already in the Army Reserve, and about to go TAD because he was being called for duty, and also, to Angie, that Professor Lim's husband, who's also in the Army Reserve, was killed in battle.

When George finally is forced to tell the truth, Tracy gets mad, telling George that she was "glad that he was quitting" because she also says that "all he dic was disrupt my class", and leaves.

Later, Max overhears that George dropped out, but he later changes his mind and agrees to go to college after George confronts Max him about it telling him that he was proud Max succeeded on his schoolwork by getting a "B" grade on his math test, and also because he explained to him that didn't have anyone around that was proud of him and cared enough about him doing good in school like he and Angie does for him.


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