Father Rick
Ep 3x15 - David Purdham as Father RIck
David Purdham as Father Rick in "God Needles George" in Season 3 (ep. #15).
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Male
About: influences George to make good on a he made to God along with Max when Mr. Needles was seemingly healed of his tumor
Family/Personal Facts
Career/Job: Catholic Parish Priest
Series Appearances
Played by: David Purdham
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "God Needles George" (Season 3)

Father Rick" appears in the Season Three episode of George Lopez titled "God Needles George" (episode #15). The part of Father Rick is played in the episode by David Purdham.

About Father Rick

When Mr. Needles who got sick, seemed to be miraculously healed of a tumor he was diagnosed with after Max and George prayed for him to get well, as George felt obligated to honor his promise to Max and to God to make a trip to Mexico to crawl along the cobblestone path to the Church of the Virgin Guadalupe as he had promised to do if Mr. Needles got well.

Anyhow, when George and Ernie are at Thirsty's, Farther Rick the priest of the neighborhood catholic parish, who happens to doing his usual canvassing of the area for another fundraising drive, happens to drop by Thirsty's, as George winds up asking him for advice on what to do concerning the promise he made to Max, as he asks the father if it would still be a sin if, instead of making good on the promise in crawling the cobblestone path to the church, could he do a "just as good" deed in giving a sizable donation to his parish.

The father quotes the commandment "Thou shalt not bear false witness", saying that if he did so in not going to Mexico, he'd risk breaking the commandment by going back on his word, as he asks George "Do you want to be a man who keeps his word or a liar?" but he was willing to take a donation amount, as George wrote an amount on a piece of paper. When Father Rick says to George "George is that a 4 or a 7?" as George replies "That is a 1, my man!" as the father responds "Have a nice time in Mexico!" as he leaves the bar.

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