Famous Lines are quotes or lines that are frequently said by characters. They are all listed below.

Famous Lines

George Lopez

  • "Wapa!!!"
  • "Ta Loca!"
  • "Ay Guey!"
  • "Mom!"
  • "REEEEE"
  • "I never get to do nothin' in this house!"
  • "That's the Lopez way."
  • "I got this!"
  • "Well sabes que..."
  • "Bat (to Benny)"
  • "Watcha, I be like...(Makes a gesture)"
  • "O dalay!"
  • "Watcha!"
  • "Hel-lo!"
  • "Watcha! Hel-lo!"
  • "Palo!"
  • "Cochino!"
  • "Vato!"
  • "O Que La!"
  • "I be like this, Whatcha!"
  • "Tambien!"
  • "Member? You 'Member!"
  • "Sta Loco/Loca" (Repeats what other person said)
  • "I got this!"


Angie Lopez

  • "A-A-A-A-Angie's Wedding Service!"
  • oh, George

Benny Lopez

  • "I need a smoke ."
  • "You know what? Im gay"
  • "Why you cryin'?"

Vic Palmero

  • "Ay dios mio! My ass is on fire"
  • "Oye Chico!"

Earnesto "Ernie" Cardenas

  • Golly!
  • 'Member? You 'member!

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