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Emilina Palmero
Sonia Braga as Emilina Diez
Sonia Braga as Emilina Diaz, Angie's mother and Vic's then wife in "Meet the Cuban Parents" in Season 2 (ep.#11).
Basic/General Character Information
Born: 1940's
Piace of birth: Havana, Cuba (?)
Died: 2006
Piace of Death: Miami, FL, U.S.
Gender: Female
  • She and her husband Vic divorced after Vic discovered she was cheating on him
  • Tries to reconcile with her ex-husband, Vic, but before they can, she dies of a heart attack
  • Family/Personal Facts
    Family: Angie Lopez (daughter)
    Ray Palmero (son)
    George Lopez (character) (ex-son-in-law)
    Gloria Palmero (daughter)
    Claudia Palmero (ex-daughter in-law)
    [[[Veronica Palmero]] (granddaugher)
    Carmen Lopez (granddaughter)
    Max Lopez (grandson)
    Spouse(s): Victor Palmero (?-2004, divorced)
    Career/Job: Dermatologist, 1960's-2006, her death
    Series Appearances
    Played by: Sonia Braga
    Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
    Episodes appeared in: "Meet the Cuban Parents" (Season 2)

    Emilina Palmero is a character who only appears in one episode, "Meet the Cuban Parents" (episode #11) in Season Two. The part of Emilina is played by Sonia Braga.

    About Emilina

    Emilina Palmero is the deceased mother of Angie, Gloria and Ray. She is the ex-wife of Vic Palmero. She is the mother-in-law of George Lopez (character) and ex-mother-in-law of Claudia Palmero and Richard. She is the grandmother of Carmen, Max and Veronica Palmero.

    Emilina was a doctor in the field of dermatology. She and her husband Vic divorced after Vic discovered she was cheating on him. In this episode she and her husband Vic are seen giving expensive presents (money) to their grandchiildren, Carmen and Max. She is seen dressed in a very 'posh' way and is possibly wearing expensive clothes.

    Upon finding out about what her mother did, Angie tries to invite her mother over to their house, but she cancels. Angie distressed and angry tells her mother that she will never forgive her mother for what she did to their family and what she did to tear her father and Emilina's apart.

    In Season 6, Vic annouces that he is engaged to 27-year-old Lindsay Cafferty. When Emilina hears about this she immediately tries to reconcile with her ex-husband, Vic, but before they can, she dies. Angie's last conversation with her mother left her deeply sad that she couldn't say anything nice to her mother, before she died. Her conversation is recaped.

    Emilina passed away from her heart attack. Gloria called Vic to break the news, and then Vic went to George and Angie's house to break the news to Angie, which left Angie deeply saddened.

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