Dr. Holland
Ep 4x13 - Michael Clarke Duncan as Dr. Holland
Michael Clarke Duncan as Dr. Holland
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Male
About: Suggests to Max, had his braces placed in by him, that he not be "a wimp" when he complains that they're too tight when he wants them taken out to impress a girl in school
Family/Personal Facts
Career/Job: Owner, Gentle Dental Care / Powers Bros. company dentist
Series Appearances
Played by: Michael Clarke Duncan
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "George to the Third Power" (Season 4)

Dr. Holland is a character on George Lopez in the episode "George to the Third Power" in Season Four]] (episode #13). The part of Dr. Holland is played in the episode by Michael Clarke Duncan.

About Dr. Holland

When George and Angie take Max, who's been complaining about his new braces, to see Dr. Holland, whom they settled on seeing again, although George and Angie both dislike him, they settled on him because he's the only orthodontist they can afford. Dr. Holland, who's the Powers Bros. Aviation company dentist who placed braces on Max because Max claimed that they were too tight, he tells George that if he loosened the braces, when he tried to swallow, they'd "pass right through him, and he wouldn't be fakin' that pain!"

When makes a comment about Max being "a wuss" while he has him put on some headphones and listen to music in his office, he also says he couldn't find anything wrong with the braces, as he then says to George and Angie that "kids pick up on the behavior of the parents", "if one of the parents overeacts to the slightest discomfort", concerning Max's clamining that his braces hurt.

Then, Dr. Holland and George exchange "horror stories" about how rough their childhoods were; when George tells him he was abandonded by his father when he was two, as Dr. Holland tells George that his father left him when he waa eight years old, as he goes on and says "my dad came back when I was 10, beat me until I was 12!".

Dr. Holland is vindicated somewhat as its later revealed that Max faked his pain because he wished to have them removed to impress a girl in his school.

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