Demetra Raven
Demetra Raven
Demetra Raven appeared as Allison, a classmate of Max's , in the Season 2 episode of "GL" titled "Profiles in Courage" (ep.#18).
Basic Information
Born (1991-05-15) May 15, 1991 (age 26)
Birthplace: Santa Monica, California, U.S.
Gender Female
Occupation: Actress
Years Active: 2002-2005
Family/Personal Information
Character Information
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Profiles in Courage" (Season 2)

Former child actress Demetra Raven (born May 15, 1991) guest starred on George Lopez as Allison, a classmate and friend of Max, who plays along with him in pretending to be "married", until she gets "divorced" from him, due to her bossiness in the Season Two episode "Profiles in Courage" (episode #18).


Born in Santa Monica, CA, young Demetra was delivered two months before term; as an infant, she and her mother both remained in hospital for 3 extra months, due to her suffering from a cardiac malformation, before she was declared out of danger.

Demetra began to show interest in theater at a very young age, and had the opportunity to play in several plays set up by her school - a private college in Los Angeles. At the age of eleven, she got her first real professional role with The Buffalo Knights Theater Company, appearing in her show "JB", produced by Brian Kite.

She then began appearing in television roles, which included an episode in the series Boomtown (2002), and the WB Network series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2003). She got along so well with Buffy producer Joss Whedon that he later offered her a small role in her new movie Serenity (2005) adapted from the Firefly TV She also appeared in the film thriller Fallacy (2004).

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