Ep 2x18 - Dierdre Smith as Cynthia
Dierdre M. Smith as Cynthia
Basic Information
Name Cynthia
Gender Female
About: Shows contemptful indifference co-worker who is of Middle-Eastern descent, for screening for a U.S. government project
Series Appearances
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Appeared in: "Profiles in Courage" (Season 2)
Portrayed by Dierdre M. Smith

Cynthia is a minor character who appears in the Season Two episode of George Lopez titled "Profiles in Courage" (episode #18). The part of Cynthia is played in the episode by Dierdre M. Smith.

About Cynthia

When George informs the Powers Bros. line workers that background checks were needed for those being considered to work on an upcoming U.S. Government defense project, Cynthia, in echoing the sentiments of others on the line, could understan why Hosni, a fellow line worker also applying for a position working on the project, has to do it, because of his Middle Eastern background, as she cited that he "doesn't smoke or drink" or, as Benny said "doesn't swear" either.

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