Brian Austin Green as Chris
Brian Austin Green as Chris in "George Gets Cross Over Freddie" in Season 5 of "GL" (ep.#19).
Basic/General Character Information
About: He and friend Freddie visit L.A. to meet with a possible internet predator (which happens to be George) who's been chatting with Freddie's niece
Family/Personal Facts
Series Appearances
Played by: Brian Austin Green
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "George Gets Cross Over Freddie" in Season 5

Chris is a character who appears in the episode of George Lopez titled "George Gets Cross Over Freddie" in Season 5 (episode #19). The role of Chris is played in the episode by Brian Austin Green, who also played the role in the ABC-TV sitcom Freddie, which was the spinoff/crossover series for GL which also starred Freddie Prinze Jr., who plays the role of Chris's friend Freddie Moreno.

About Chris

Chris is the sidekick, buddy and busines partner of Freddie, who accompanies him to L.A. from Chicago to meet with whom they beleive is an internet child predator who's been corresponding with Freddie's niece Zoey (played by Chloe Bridges), which happens to be George, whom in thinking likewise, has teamed with Ernie to meet with whom turns out to be Freddie and Chris, as they suspect the same of the one who's been chatting online with Max; when the four meet at the hotel room and almost come to blows, as Chris threatens to douse Ernie with a bottle of hot sauce on the hotel room kitchen table, as they realize, through George and Freddie exchanging family snapshots of they and Max and Chloe, that Max and Zoey were really chat partners, as the four men "bury the hatchet" and decide to go out to a nearby bar to get some beers.

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