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Cecelia Lopez
Basic/General Character Information
Born: 1950s
Gender: Female
Family/Personal Facts
Family: Manny Lopez (brother)
George Lopez (nephew)
George Lopez II (nephew)
Linda Lorenzo (niece)
Series Appearances
First Episode Who's Your Daddy?
Last Episode Who's Your Daddy?
Played by: Olga Merediz

Cecelia Lopez, (portrayed by Olga Merediz), is a minor character in George Lopez.


Cecilia Lopez is Manny Lopez's sister. Cecilia sent gifts to George when he was little, but Benny lied and said they were poisonous. Cecilia and George reunited at a warehouse and revealed to George that Manny wasn't dead after all. Cecilia and Benny don't have a close relationship because she has lied many times in her life.


Cecilia has dark hair and fair skin. Cecilia is caring and kind.


Season 2

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