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Carla as a cheerleader in high school
Basic/General Character Information
About: Kind of stuck-up cheerleader friend of Angie's in high school who, like Angie, thought very lowly of George and Ernie, whom they both went out with to a high school dance as "a joke" amongst their cheerleader friends
Family/Personal Facts
Series Appearances
Played by: Elena St. John
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)

Carla was a character who appeared in the Season Two episode titled "The Valentine's Day Massacre" (episode #14). The part of Carla is played in the episode by Elena St. John.

About Carla

Carla was a fellow cheerleader with Angie Lopez while they were in high school. She was with Angie when they had to decide what loser they were going to go to the Sadie Hawkins Dance with. Angie chose George and Carla got Ernie.

Carla's personality

Carla seemed to be a sterotypical cheerleader; close with her cheer team mates and thinks very lowly of George and Ernie, as she decided that they are the biggest losers to go to the dance with. According to Ernie, in Season Two; Episode 14, she said "you're probably a human being and deserves to be treated as one." 

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