Ben Adams
George declines Ben Adams's offer
George declines an offer from Ben Adams, President of AeroCorp, Inc. to accept an important company position to fill a race quota
Basic/General Character Information
Gender: Male
About: Tries to influence George to leave Powers Aviation, his company's biggest competitor, just to have a Hispanic, namely, a Mexican-American, in an important company position
Family/Personal Facts
Series Appearances
Played by: James Lesure
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: "Token of Unappreciation" in Season 2

Ben Adams is a character who appears in the Season Two episode of George Lopez titled "Token of Unappreciation" (episode #2). The part of Ben is played in the episode by James Lesure.

About Ben and Aircorp, Inc.

When George feels unappreciated by Jack and Mel, when he's not allowed to present the company's lastet figures in their company conference when they say that the conference "is only for the big boys", and when he's later asked by the brothers to work at his old plant line machine position due to a lull in production for just a few days, it influences him to reach out Ben, who's the president of AiroCorp, Powers Aviation's biggest competitor when it comes to landing goverment contracts.

When George makes up his mind to visit AeroCorp to talk to Ben, he expresses his eagerness to hire George for an immediate position as Vice President, without him having to go through an interview; when George asks if they wanted to see if he could do the job, Ben tells him that he's sure that he can do the job, but expresses the need for the company to hire him to fill an ethnic quota, because he's a Mexican-American, (Ben cites that George is a "dark-skinned" hermano, as the last guy named Lopez could pass for Italian!)

When, while visiting the fitness room area in a tour of the AeroCorp plant, Ben cites the fact that because of a racial quota in hiring practices, that they, as minorities, could never be fired, he makes his point when he walks up to the company CEO, who's white, while he's on a treadmill, and slaps his behind, and says to him, "Hey, You better stop shredding paper, and start shredding that big ass, Cracker!" Needless to say, George declines Ben's offer, telling him "There is no way in hell I would take this job...I'd rather go on the line forever than be somebody's token...I don't want to live in a world where I can't be fired for slapping some White man's nangas!"

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