George Lopez episode
“A Funeral Brings George to His Niece”
In Veronica's mom, Claudia's videotape will, she posthumously appoints George power of authority over the trust fund inheritance for Veronica, who must show to George that she's responsible enough to receive her inheritance of her mom's estate in "A Funeral Brings George to His Niece" in Season 5.
Season 5, Episode # 15
Number (#95) in series (120 episodes)
Guest star(s) Aimee Garcia
Maria Canals Barrera
Pete Leal
Connie Ramirez
Kristin Brockman
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 515
Writer(s) Luisa Leschin
Director Bob Koherr
Original airdate February 15, 2006
IMDB IMDb logo A Funeral Brings George to His Niece
Episode chronology
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"The Kidney Stays in the Picture" "George Gets Caught in a Powers Play"

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A Funeral Brings George to His Niece was the 15th episode of Season Five of George Lopez, also the 95th overall episode in the series. Written by Luisa Leschin, the episode, which was written by Bob Koherr, premiered on ABC-TV on February 15, 2006.

"A Funeral Brings George to His Niece"
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Plot summary

Angie's former sister-in-law Claudia, Ray's ex-wife, passes away, and during the funeral, George surprises the entire Palmero family when Angie's aunt picks him as the trustee of his niece's multi-million dollar inheritance. However, George is strict with Veronica, and refuses to give her the money unless she is mature enough, and only gives her a $40-a-week allowance. Max develops a crush on Veronica, and helps her shoplift pretty clothes. The next day, Veronica gets a job at the mall, but she quits and goes to the bar, where she gets high on marijuana.


Guest Star

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