"The Driver"
Ep 5x4 - George's drag race challenger
George's drag race challenger in "George Drives the Batmobile" in Season 5.
Basic Information
Name "The Driver"
Gender Male
About: Challenges George to a drag race, which George obliges to when driving Benny and her girlfriends around
Series Appearances
Appeared on: George Lopez (TV series)
Appeared in: "George Drives the Batmobile" (Season 5)
Portrayed by Ren Casey

"The Driver" is a minor character who appears in the Season Five episode of George Lopez titled "George Drives the Batmobile" episode #4). The part of the driver is played in the episode by Ren Casey.

About "The Driver"

When George has to escort Benny, Gina and their girlfriends around after George, in refusing to help Benny buy another car when her breaks down, he gets duped by the girls into taking up the driver's challange to race him while waiting at the traffic light at a busy intersection. When he pulls up in the lane next George the young driver puts up his hand, letting George know that he wants to race him, George tries at first to ignore him, but when Benny cajoles him, calling him a "wuss" for not wanting to race the guy, he changes his mind, calling the guy out "You want some of this, punk!??" as the guy replies, "Cool...but the loser's takin' your women home!"

Just as the traffic light changes and the race begins and ends, George, who began taunting his race challanger when he won the race, gets stopped by a nearby police officer (Ron Pearson). who gets George's license suspended for 30 days.

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